About They Are Here

They Are Here is a collaborative and multi-disciplinary practice steered by Helen Walker and Harun Morrison since 2006.


Each They Are Here project has its own unique collaborative structure and hierarchies that emerge through the contributions of various invitees. These contributions may lie in the development of a work or its delivery. The potential of various models of collaboration is an on-going and foundational concern of They Are Here’s practice. We continuously explore group dynamics, divisions of authorship and the effects of temporary engagements with practioneers of other disciplines.


We work as gatherers, editors, assemblers and facilitators to generate work.

They Are Here work across media and types of site, having shown work in theatres, galleries, former warehouses/ shops, online and civic spaces. Institutions we have developed or presented work include: Battersea Arts Centre, Camden Arts Centre, CCA Glasgow, Chisenhale Gallery, Man & Eve Gallery, LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) Tate Modern, South London Gallery and Whitechapel Gallery.


They Are Here invite a high level of engagement on the part of their invitees. We often take populist systems or experiences (Myspace, a film promo launch party, a haunted-house) as a framework for ideas. These events may involve the participants engaging with a narrative external to the event itself to unlock it. Other works use strategies and models of participation derived from ‘social gaming’.



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